Rope manure scraper

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About us

Harry Johansson's manure scrapersystem, Harrymatic, is the brand for effective scraper system for large and small farms. We also do Hydraulic scraper and rope scraper.
Harry Johansson made his first  manure scraping system with rope in 1959. The idea came from an elevator winch used to raise hay and straw to the hayloft. At that time, two drums were used to avoid stretching the rope. Since then, fully automated systems have been developed with different types of scrapers and winches.
Harry's son Rolf took over the company in 1977 and continued it with his wife Ulla-Britt.
We have produced scraper systems to countries in Europe and also outside Europe.
In 2011, their son Carl-Harry took over the business.
Malmö 1979
Harry and Rolf Johansson 1979
Elmia 2016